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Designing your Dream

James has been involved with various design campaigns to assist design spark for those with vision. His design skills are guided by client vision, building function, purpose, problem solving, and other client requested services. James design skill also benefit from his initial training in the field of construction as brick masonry apprentice. James also holds a professional degree in architecture with a focus in tectonics.  James has provided architectural services throughout the south east of the United States in various sectors including commercial, residential, and industrial markets.  

James enjoys discussing client design philosophy, goals, priorities, schedule, budget, and scope. James believes that each client has a unique vision. James carefully listens to each client and he knows how to ask the right question to allow the owner to express their dreams with more clarity. James believes this is how the SPARK for the vision can be ignited so that the vision can be drawn clearly for the builders to execute the client's dream. 

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